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Updating An Address On Your Social Security Card

A reader from Kansas asks how she can change the address on her Social Security card.

“How can I change my address? I also need a new card.”

One option would be to update your information on the Social Security website, where you can also request a new card. However, changing your address and immediately requesting a new card be sent to the new address will probably flag a fraud hold.

Social Security has become very cautious because people fraudulently access Social Security and get Social Security cards for someone else. So knowing they’re looking out for odd things to happen, I think the two requests together would look a little suspicious to their security systems. The transaction would probably get flagged, and they would want to talk to you anyway.

In my opinion, you may as well skip a step and call them using the regular nationwide number, 1-800-772-1213. If you call and things don’t seem to add up, they might still send you into an office. But I would start by calling them to avoid triggering a fraud hold. (A hold could be cleared eventually, but some functions in the bureaucracy move at a snail’s pace.)

Another option would be to find the number for your local office, also listed on their website, if you want to go in and deal with this face-to-face. Although that would be the most effort on your part, it would undoubtedly resolve it because they’ll be able to check your identity using your driver’s license, passport, or other picture ID. They’ll then trust that you are doing this legitimately, and you will get your address change and card request handled simultaneously.

So my best recommendation is to call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 and talk to a human being. The representative will process your requests and verify your identity without triggering a fraud hold.

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