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Receiving Benefits While Abroad

Reader question:  “I will be in Romania for several years.  If I open a bank account there, can my Social Security benefits be sent there?”

Good News While Abroad

There is good news on this one.  The simple answer is yes, generally you can have your benefits sent to you when you are out of the country.  The requirements are pretty basic.

  1. Must be a U.S. Citizen (non-citizens who receive benefits may, or may not be able to receive benefits while out of the U.S.)

  2. Payments cannot be sent to the following countries, but any payments withheld while you are there will be paid when you move to a non-restricted country:

  3. Azerbaijan

  4. Belarus

  5. Cuba

  6. Kazakhstan

  7. Kyrgyzstan

  8. Moldova

  9. North Korea

  10. Tajikistan

  11. Turkmenistan

  12. Ukraine

  13. Uzbekistan

For non-U.S citizens as well as dependents and survivors, the rules a bit more complicated, but can be found in the Social Security publication here:

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