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Better Customer Service

We have people contact us regularly who have had struggles dealing with customer service issues at the Social Security Administration.  When responding we have always empathized with them and reminded everyone that for the past couple decades the number of “customers” contacting the SSA has been increasing (more people getting older), while the budget for the administration of SSA has not kept pace.  Recently we even released an article that described steps to take if you need to escalate your issue with the SSA.

Good News

I believe I have good news in that Congress has included a $480 million increase in the SSA budget within the latest omnibus spending bill recently passed in Washington D.C.  The SSA budget is about $12 billion, so this is about a 4% increase.  This one infusion will not totally fix the problem, but it should be meaningful enough to improve the overall customer service experience.

Not often do we get to announce “good-news” regarding Social Security, so I wanted to make sure to share this.  See you next week!

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