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questions about social security? you've come to the right blog. is a blog intended to give you information on Social Security topics. Neither the blog, nor Jim Saulnier and Associates, LLC, are in any way approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration.

Jim Saulnier and Associates, LLC is a retirement planning firm that can assist you with your Social Security concerns.

Although Jim and Chris strive to make the blogs ─ and the information presented − topical and pertinent at the time of original posting, please recognize the financial world is constantly changing and evolving. These articles may contain outdated or obsolete information. Never make any financial, tax or investment decisions with information contained on these shows without first consulting with your legal, tax and/or financial advisor(s).

Meet Chris & Jim, the two CFP®s behind the Help With My Social Security blog. Together they answer your questions and discuss relevant Social Security topics to help meet your financial planning needs.

Chris Stein, CFP® Finance Instructor at Colorado State University and

Jim Saulnier, CFP®

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