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    Social Security Reduction for the Self-Employed

    In the complex world of Social Security and Taxes, there are always little “issues” floating


    Timing Your First Benefits Check

    The following question came in this week… “I understand the earnings test for those under FRA


    Benefit Calculation Before Full Retirement Age

    The following question arrived this week: “I turned 63 in September 2018. I stopped working at


    Calculation of WEP

    Question from reader: “I've been reading your blog and enjoy how far reaching on SSA it


    Proposed Changes to the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

    A few proposals for changes to Social Security seem to be gaining momentum. One of


    Calculating Your Primary Insurance Amount

    We've talked about this before, but when it comes to Social Security, your Primary Insurance


    Glitch in COLA Haunts Retirees

    We recently received an email question that asked us if it is true that people


    Elapsed vs Computational Years

    We received a question asking us to clarify how the 40 Elapsed and 35 Computational

    Those of us who have been working for quite some time were accustomed to receiving...

    Today we discuss the reduction in monthly benefits as a result of claiming your retirement...

    Working prior to claiming Social Security (SS) Retirement Benefits in a job that participates in...

    Social Security was originally designed to replace a portion of your income after you retire. ...

    Little known to most people, a number of American workers don’t pay into the Social...

    April 30, 2014 | by 

    When it comes to Social Security, your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) is the most important...

    Since the topic du jour of this blog is Social Security, it seemed fitting that...

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